To many people home ownership has a different meaning, especially depending on the stage of life that you may be in.
As a millenial, I see potential for both the short and long term. It is an investment that you can live in, wait a few years until home values go up, sell it, and buy a bigger home. You could also keep the home and save it for your golden years. Just imagine not having to pay rent or a mortgage payment after you retire. Sounds great to me! And to be frank, that is the path I seem to like more myself. Not having to use a large chunk of my social security or pension check to pay for a place to live sounds awfully attractive, and even exiciting. Instead of having a monthly payment for a home I can travel the world!
You may be more of the “investor” type and wait until the value of your home increases, sell it, collect your earnings and reinvest them. Or you may just want to rent out your property- have your tenant pay for your mortgage and still make some money on top of that.
The beauty of it all is the fact that you have options. Owning a home could open many doors in life, including greater stability and financial security very much needed in today’s somewhat uncertain world.
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