What We Do

We build housing to provide a decent home and a suitable living environment every place we work to support affordable housing and eradicate slums elsewhere.

We work together with partners in all sectors to address the issue of property ownership and create a path way to wealth through home ownership.

We use a streamline solution to solve the housing crisis around the world.

Sharing is caring but right now it also means winning!

Why Raffle

As a nonprofit, raffle is the easy way to give access to home ownership and desirable location to those that will not have any other way to become a homeowner due to cost, income, etc. Through participation everyone have a chance to win… “We learn the value of solidarity and sustainability through this model because the money provided is retrieved and assigned to other families in the same or worse condition.”

Housing Act Of 1949

The American Housing Act of 1949 was a landmark achievement which expanded the government's role in mortgage insurance and the construction of public housing.  With [...]

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Solving Social Problem

The American housing market was once considered to be a safe investment, gaining between three to four percent each year.  After the 2008 housing market [...]