The American housing market was once considered to be a safe investment, gaining between three to four percent each year.  After the 2008 housing market crash, communities across the nation were left in a state of uncertainty and chaos.  This collapse had a direct impact not only on home values, but on mortgage and credit markets. The government disbursed billions of dollars in order to rescue the banks, but families were left behind in the aftermath with mortgages that they were unable to pay.

Recent years of government intervention has helped to correct the damage left in the crashes wake.  And, while the economy has recovered for some, many families is still having a hard time meeting their mortgage payments. Fifty-eight percent of the population of the United States is still feeling the crippling effects of the last recession due to the rise in income inequality.  Raising the minimum wage has become a forefront topic of conversation.  To continue to improve the economy, the government must first reverse the decade’s long trend of stagnant wages for the vast majority of the working class.

A question arises— what is the best way to help the working and middle class achieve the American dream of home ownership?  At Housing Security First Initiative, we believe that together, we can extend a helping hand to all.  Our seasonal, “Housing Security Raffle” gives everyone a chance to win a home for just $50.00.  We do not believe in spending money through government programs; however, we do believe in finding innovative ways to solve social problems.