Why Housing Security

   The pathway to wealth through home ownership is a journey that many people across the nation are unfamiliar with.  Some may lack the knowledge to learn how to become a homeowner.   While many families in the United States are lucky enough to earn a decent salary, some unfortunately do not have enough in savings put aside to use for a down payment on a home.

   According to recent economic research, due to rising inflation, households that do not fall within the ranges of the average American income are typically living paycheck to paycheck.  Due to the stagnation of economic and income growth, the door to prosperity from home ownership is still shut to many American families. The average annual U.S. salary of $51,939 greatly exceeds the income of many countries around the world.  Even if a family is lucky enough to earn this income, many are unaware of how to properly invest and save their money for a down payment on a home.

   With the uncertainty of the economic and housing market still looming in the background, many wonder how they will ever be able to make the sacrifice to achieve the American dream of home ownership?  Through Housing Security First,  “ Housing Security Raffle”,  people will have an opportunity to no longer have to struggle to support their family.  Each winner of the raffle will be able to own a home that is already paid for.

   While we alone will not be able to solve this problem completely, but through your help with this initiative, we will be able to provide deserving families with a means to reduce poverty and the tragedy of homelessness. Let us band together in our quest to build up our communities and provide a higher standard of living for all.

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