The American Housing Act of 1949 was a landmark achievement which expanded the government’s role in mortgage insurance and the construction of public housing.  With the passing of this legislation, Congress declared that, “a decent home and suitable living environment for every American family” should be our national goal.

More than a half century later, upwards of 100 million citizens in the U.S. live in housing that is considered to be physically inadequate, unsafe, overcrowded and/or unaffordable.  The high costs of rent and the tight mortgage market, combined with low wage jobs, make it almost impossible for the working class to afford a decent home. Granted, there is no way that government alone can solve our housing dilemma that our nation faces.  However, at Housing Security First Initiative, we make it our goal to fulfill the goal of the American Housing Act of 1949—to provide a decent home and suitable living environment for every family.