Our History

From a failed attempt to secure financing for a land development overseas and take advantage of a housing crisis; a group of realtor and friends met together to find a way forward. The end result is to do good by helping others move up the ladder to help solve the world housing needs.
Under the coordination of the firm Freedom Tax, on January 5th 2016 Housing Security First Initiative filed its Articles of incorporation with Florida Department of State. Soon after, the corporation has applied for their 501c status. Two months Later, March 1, 2016 the non-profit moved to its world headquarter office in Orlando Fl. The same month Housing Security First becomes a member of Florida Nonprofit Alliance.


Housing Security First Initiative believes in finding innovative ways to help solve social problems throughout our community and across the globe. Every family should have access to a decent home and suitable living environment. We welcome all groups to work alongside in partnership to promote our model around the world.
Yes. We work with a number of builders to construct houses in their respective subdivisions to raffle them out to the community in our drawing. In addition, Housing Security First Initiative builds housing communities overseas as well for families in need. Housing Security First Initiative works with local leaders and organizations to help raise and solve the social housing needs around the world.
By purchasing a raffle ticket, you will be eligible for a chance to win a house and/or help another to become a homeowner in your community.
By becoming a friend of our Facebook page, you can invite other to become fans of our page.
Housing Security First Initiative strives to become a global player in the housing sector both in the United States and abroad, where rents and mortgages are extremely high and unaffordable for many families.

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